University for a Day
Global Secular Jewish Societies


Professor Caryn Aviv
March 12, 2011

Clip 1

Caryn Aviv, the Posen Lecturer in Jewish Studies at University of Colorado–Boulder, uses Dr. Seuss' Oh the Places You'll Go! as a launching pad to discuss her course, "Global Secular Jewish Societies."
(2.5 minutes)

Clip 2

Professor Aviv asks, "How have Jews understood who they are, because
of where they are?" (3 minutes)

Clip 3

Professor Aviv tackles those long-contested terms, "secular" and "Jewish," and wonders aloud: "What is 'authentic' Jewish expression?"
(2 minutes)

Clip 4

Moving on to the word "society," Professor Aviv discusses the impact that Jewish immigration had, and continues to have, on urban centers such as New York and
Buenos Aires.
(2 minutes)

Clip 5

How does Jewish travel and tourism influence Jewish identity formation? Professor Aviv shares her thoughts.
(4 minutes)

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