Transposing Jewish music
into the key of poetry.

By Richard Chess

Yiddishkeit in America
A lesson in language
and identity.

By Irena Klepfisz

Some Totally Radical Women
The revolutionary use of Yiddish in the early 20th century.
By Tony Michels

And the Award Goes to... Queer Yiddishkeit


Something queer's going on in
the contemporarry Yiddish scene.

By Kathleen Peratis

Still Outwitting History
A heimish look at the
persistence of Yiddish.

By Aaron Lansky

The Touch of Leah's Hands
Kadya Molodowsky’s amazing modern poetry.
By Naomi Seidman

Holy Yiddishkeit, Batman!
Yiddishist Jeffrey Shandler has a quick but thorough lesson for novelist Michael Chabon.
By Jeffrey Shandler

Singer Gets a Life

The author of Born to Kvetch asks how Issac Bashevis Singer came to dominate the American Jewish literary scene.

By Michael Wex