Secular Thought  |  History

Labor and the Nation
Selections from two iconic essays by the "grandfather" of Cultural Zionism.

By Aaron David Gordon

How did Shimon Ansky become one of the darlings of American Jewish intellectuals?

By Brian Horowitz

Martin Buber's Secular Religiosity
Two scholars parse the secular aspects of Buber's theology.

By Ron Margolin and Sarah Pessin 

Celebrating Darwin
Jewish Secularism Celebrates 150 Years of Darwinism.

By Shai Cherry 

Heine: Father of Jewish Secularism
As a 19th century German Jew, Heinrich Heine broke all the rules.

By Egon Friedler

Albert Einstein and World Peace
A look at the politics and humanity
of a scientific man.

By Lawrence Wittner 

Moses Mendelssohn: Father of the Haskalah
A freethinking Jewish revolutionary.
By Norman Massey

Baruch Spinoza: The Last Medieval Heretic
or the First Secular Jew?
The heresy of Baruch Spinoza. 
By David Biale

Channeling Spinoza
A Q & A with Rebecca Goldstein, author of
Betraying Spinoza.
By Jesse Tisch

Spinoza: The Marrano of Reason
A scholar decodes the
heresy of Spinoza.

By Yirmiyahu Yovel

Godless Jews:
The Original Atheists with Attitude
Part I: Ernestine Rose karl_marx.jpgMan Made God in His Own Image 
Part II: Karl Marx — Religion and Economics
Part III: Sigmund Freud —Religion as Neurosis

By Roi Ben-Yehuda

The Many Voices of Secular Judaism
Who is included (and excluded) from the canon of secular Jewish writers, poets, and scientists?

By Rabbi Adam Chalom

Secular Prophets of the
Russian Jewish Intelligentsia
Ahad Ha-Am, Haim Zhitlowski, and Simon Dubnow strove for a modern approach to Jewish tradition.

By David H. Weinberg

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