Secularization in Mizrahi Jewish Life
Mizrahi Jews “believed that just because something was done in the past did not make it sacred.”

By Michel Abitbol

Jews in the Ottoman Empire
Eyal Ginio explores secularization in the Ottoman Empire and its effect of the region’s Jews.
By Eyal Ginio

Queen Esther
My Jewish Grandmother spoke Arabic. 
By Vanessa Hidary

Conversations with A.B. Yehoshua
Leading Israeli novelist Yehoshua
discusses Jewish culture and identity,
and the importance of Jewish texts.
By Bernard Horn

Dario Moreno and Sephardic Cosmopolitanism
The life and legacy of Turkish singing legend Dario Moreno, the Mediterranean’s “Frank Sinatra.”
By Pamela Dorn Sezgin

A Room With a View
God let me down on a bright summer night…
By Lucette Valensi

Reflections on the Sephardic legacy of coexistence.
By David Shasha
Sephardic Jews Observe Hoshanah Rabah, 1723-1743.