Not in the Heavens:
The Premodern Roots of Jewish Secularism   
Counter-traditions in Jewish thought are much older than Spinoza.
By David Biale

Modernization, Secularization, and the
Refashioning of Jewish Identity
"Secularization has been one of the most significant historical processes in Jewish history."
Now we learn why.
By Shmuel Feiner

Passionate Pioneers

The story of secular Yiddish education in
North America, 1910-1960.
By Fradle Pomerantz Freidenreich


The Mystic and the Modern

A review of Rodger Kamenetz's Burnt Books.
By Sephora Markson Hartz

Losing Their Religion
A Review of David Biale's Not in the Heavens: The Tradition of Jewish Secular Thought.
By Jesse Tisch

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