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Pride vs. Ambivalence—The Secular Jewish Dilemma



Revisiting progressive, secular Jewish values.

By Lawrence Bush

Secularization in Mizrahi Jewish Life
Mizrahi Jews "believed that just because something was done in the past did not make it sacred."
By Michel Abitbol

Jewish Salonieres: Handmaidens of Modernity

The story of Jewish women who helped shape and encourage the Jewish encounter with modernity.
By Emily Bilski and Emily Braun

Modernization, Secularization, and the
Refashioning of Jewish Identity
"Secularization has been one of the most significant historical processes in Jewish history."
Now we learn why.
By Shmuel Feiner

The First Secular Jews

If you thought secular Judaism began with Spinoza, guess again.

By Anita Novinsky

Jews in the Ottoman Empire
Eyal Ginio explores secularization in the Ottoman Empire and its effect on the region's Jews.
By Eyal Ginio

Jewish Women of the Frontier
Why it's time to forget the stereotypes about
grizzled Clint Eastwood-types.
By Elizabeth Jameson and Andrea Kalinowski

An Intellectual History of Secularism
Max Weber, 1894.
A scholar's notes.
By Gregory Kaplan


The New Order of the Ages


Exploring the modern
origins of secularism.

By Barry Kosmin

Epicurus' Jewish Legacy
Yaakov Malkin explores the
ancient Jewish tradition of heresy.
By Yaakov Malkin

The Jewish Century

Nineteenth-century Jews championed secularism and enlightenment.

By Yuri Slezkine

Stalin's Forgotten Zion
A look at one of Jewish History's most surprising—and almost universally forgotten—Zionist experiments.
By Zvi Gitelman

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